CCM S35-150 linear module

Regardless of your application, when considering the options among pre-assembled linear systems, start with the four primary application parameters—stroke, load, speed, and precision. Once the magnitude and importance of these criteria are determined, other parameters, such as noise, rigidity, and environmental factors, can help narrow the field and make final sizing and selection less time-consuming.


 This model is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel, with self-cleaning function. The load capacity ranges from 5KG to 15KG. Positioning accuracy is within 0.02mm.

ball screw actuator


1) high accuracy

2) Max stroke length 54MM

3) anti-corrosion

4) low maintenance

5) noiseless

6) low vibration

7) high reliability

8) high durability

9) warranty up to 5 years

10) German Made Rexroth ball screw


Medical industry,

laboratory testing,

and many other applications with high accuracy and repeatability with low and medium speed.

How to order

1) Share your idea with us.

2) Provide us with weight of the load and stroke length for each axis, together with travel speed and structure.

3) Estimate costs/ quotation.

4) Put your order to production after payment.

5) Arrange the shipping for you.

6) Comment on the products and service so we can do better.

We offer motorized stages that can be assembled into many different configurations; for example, XY stages, XYZ stages . We list a few common XY stage combinations here, but you can select your own combination of family, travel and lead screw pitch in each axis to build the stage you need.