CCM H80-60 linear module

guide rails for heavy duty
rails motion for heavy duty


motion guide rails with high accuracy
guide motion rails with belt system

1) high accuracy

2) customised length up to 6 meters

3) anti-corrosion

4) maintenance-free

5) noiseless

6) low vibration

7) high reliability

8) high durability

9) high robustness

10) flexible motor position

11) flexible add-ons

12) warranty up to 5 years


modular guide rails for heavy duty
modular guide rails for heavy duty

Robotic arms

3D printer machines

CNC router machines

Pick and place machines

Glue dispenser

Painting machines

Packing machines

Coding machines

DTG machines

Laser engraving and cutting machines

And many other applications


How to order

1) Share your idea with us.

2) Provide us with weight of the load and stroke length for each axis, together with travel speed and structure.

3) Estimate costs/ quotation.

4) Put your order to production after payment.

5) Arrange the shipping for you.

6) Comment on the products and service so we can do better.

basic structure for guide motion rails
basic structures for modular guide rails with belt system