What is the max speed of linear guide belt drive?

When selecting linear modules, the customer will look at the maximum stroke, maximum load, and accuracy of the linear module. There is also a very important selection factor, that is speed.


CCM belt driven linear rail is tailored for high speed and low noise requirement, it is driven by PU steel wire belt. At present, the pitch of our linear guide belt drive is from 54mm to 190mm, each model has rated pitch. Without load, the max speed of our belt driven actuator is 10m/s, the speed depends on the selection of the motor. Stepper motor and servo motor are applicable for CCM Linear motion actuator guide.


How to calculate the speed of CCM linear motion actuator guide? For example, the pitch of W40-06 model linear rail is 75mm, using servo motor, the rated speed of servo motor is 3000rpm/min, the max speed of it is 75mm x 300rpm/min/60=3.75m/s.  3.75m/s is the ideal speed, the actual speed is affected by many factors such as payload, stroke length.


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