When selecting linear modules, the customer will look at the maximum stroke, maximum load, and accuracy of the linear module. There is also a very important selection factor, that is speed. CCM belt driven linear rail is tailored for high speed and low noise requirement, it is driven by PU steel wire belt. At present, the pitch of our linear guide belt drive is from 54mm to 190mm, each model has rated pitch. Without load, the max speed of our belt driven actuator is 10m/s, the speed depends on...
Roughly speaking, the repeatability of a belt linear driven rail might be defined as its ability to achieve repetition of the same task. On the other hand, accuracy is the difference between the requested task and the obtained task . For example, the task actually achieved by the linear rail. So, repeatability is doing the same task over and over again, while accuracy is hitting your target each time. Which brand toothed belt axis is high accuracy? The positioning repeatability of CCM belt...

We offer motorized stages that can be assembled into many different configurations.
A cartesian coordinate robot (also called linear robot) is an industrial robot whose three principal axes of control are linear (i.e. they move in a straight line rather than rotate) and are at right angles to each other.The three sliding joints correspond to moving the wrist up-down,in-out,back-forth.

For profiled-rail guides and ball screws, lubrication can be achieved with either grease or oil. The choice depends on the application parameters, including: temperature, load, vibration, speed, environment, contamination, and stroke length. For most linear guide and drive applications, grease is the better lubrication option. Oil lubrication is recommended for high-speed applications, CCM linear guide rail , it is designed for high speed industry area such as gantry robot, pick and place,...
A small industrial robot has software and accessory packages, a specific type of movement, control law and linkage dimension depending on the target application. Here are some different types of applications: Painting robot Assembly robot Welding robots Palletizing robot Material handling robots

A gantry robot consists of a manipulator mounted onto an overhead system that allows movement across a horizontal plane. CCM belt driven linear actuators are widely used in gantry system from electronic assembly and electronic manufacturing to vision systems and industrial automation.
Linear module, is a kind of module, which includes a baseplate unit, a table part, a spindle drive device, and a telescoping tube arrangement that encompasses the spindle and that has two tube elements that engage with each other in telescoping fashion in a movement direction, namely a tube element connected to the baseplate unit and a tube element connected to the table part.