Stepper Motor VS Servo Motor :How to select the right motor for linear motion guide?

Some customers ask us they should use stepper motor or Servo motor?


CCM linear actuator with belt drive is applicable for stepper motor and servo motor. How to choose?


Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of stepper motor and servo motor firstly. 

  • Advantage of Stepper Motor:

Easy to operate, More precision performance in short travel length, Low cost


  • Disadvantage of Stepper Motor:

Low speed, Easy to lose step if overload or over-speed, Vibration when the speed is very slow, Easy to get hot

stepper linear actuator
stepper linear actuator
  • Advantage of Servo Motor:

High speed, High precision, Low noise, Low vibration



  • Disadvantage of Servo Motor:

Spend more time to operate, High cost 


linear servo actuator
linear servo actuator

Selecting stepper motor or servo motor depends on your workplace.


Low speed, short stroke length linear belt actuator, using Nema23 stepper motor is ok.


High speed, high precision, low noise, it is better to use servo motor for linear motion products.


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