W series

Our linear guide rail suitable for different applications with load capacity between 3 KG to 35KG This model is made of aluminium alloy, with self-cleaning function. The open groove allows more add-ons. Two-piece end block eases shaft changing. The load capacity ranges from 5KG to 35KG. Positioning accuracy is within 0.05mm. 

ccmmotion linear guide rails
CCM motion linear guide rails

ccm linear guide rails, ccmmotion
ccm linear guide rails

A series

With a maximum load capacity of 3KG our A series model is ideal for low payload applications. This model is made of aluminium alloy, with self-cleaning function. There are 6 pre-set nuts in the profile body groove for add-on sensors. Its max load capacity is 5KG. Total length can be customised within 4 meters.

S series

This model is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel, with self-cleaning function. The load capacity ranges from 5KG to 15KG. Positioning accuracy is within 0.02mm. 

ccm linear motion rails, ccmmotion rails
ccm linear guide rails ballscrew

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ccm rails china team
ccm china team

With more than 35 years of devotion in Automation Industry, CCM is not only a manufacturer of linear motion rails, couplers and connection parts, but also an optimised linear motion solution provider for different industry users. Designed in London and assembly in China.   


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