What ccm linear rails can do?

The company’s linear slide module products are widely used in automated production equipment, dispensing, painting, welding, packaging, handling, inkjet, laser, engraving machine, robot, photographic slide, electric slide, scientific research, functional demonstration, etc., Whatever the project is, we minimize your engineering effort and take care of it for you.

3D printing machine
xyz axis robot inspection machine
laser cutting machine customization
automated scanning machine

Precision servo motor linear gluing robot
automated working station
linear robotic arm in packing industry
pick and place automated machine



In ccm, we use material from top global supply, and our quality and design maximize the lifespan of each component.

Confidence, technical support, and warranty will give you the confidence to work whit us.


The linear module is divided into two types: the screw slide and the synchronous belt slide.

It is a precision type ready-to-install linear system. The linear system has a compact size and high performance index, and any length.

Cost-effective and short delivery. Compact and precise aluminum profile body, built-in ball guide and belt guide system for operation and movement at heavy loads and high speeds.


Ball Screw Actuators-S Series
Belt Driven Actuators-W Series
Belt Dricen Actuators-H Series
Special Actuators-TX Series

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