If you need to assembly a linear robot arm, we can provide you a whole set of parts, from linear rail motor & driver to cable chain etc. Cost-effective solution is always get good reputation from our customers.
We offer many automation solutions for packing industry, with our flexible structure, you can save time on designing drawing and save cost as we already in the industry for decades, with our vast automation industries experience, you will be happy to work with us.

Automation assembly line usually have a working station, our linear rail can meet your requirements on it. The linear rail payload is range from 6kg to 35kg, it can be used as a pick and place robot, automated filling machine or glue dispenser machines.
Many customers from electronic industry, clothes industry, OEM factory, choose our linear rail for their automated machines. Competitive price and experienced engineer team can be your strong back up in the automation industry.

Our linear rail can be used in scanning machine, no matter it is small format or large format, our linear rail can solve your problems perfectly.
The linear rail is quite common to use in laser/cnc machine, low noise movement and compact design, avoid to get involved in designing auxiliary metal parts for the structure.

Automated inspection machine can be used in lab, electronic industry, food process industry, logistic industry etc
Our compact design linear rail can be used in 3D printing machine, just simply assembly process, you will have a smart structure for your application, very flexible and friendly-use product. The max. Length can be up to 6 meter, so you can print large object easily.