Automation machinery examples

CCM modules are automation solutions for different fields. If you could share your ideas with us, we will then provide a feasible solution to materialise your idea. Let us be part of your project.

We develop

We listen to our customers and develop our rail models based on the needs of various industries. The variety of models give our customers optimised solutions for their projects. 

We design

Once we develop a new concept we design the new rail model with practical  functions and elegant exterior. Our designs are unique and genuine. 

We produce

We select the best quality material on a global scale for producing our modules. The finished goods will receive a quality check before shipped. 

XYZ linear stage robot

Test of accuracy

Laser engraving and cutting rails

High speed test for ccm rails

Spray code slide stage

Animate wall for music and dance show

Linear rail system for industrial CNC machines

Linear rail system for industrial 3D machines

Linear motion system for industrial 3D CNC machines

Pick and pleace robot, liner rail system

6 axes robot

Linear motion slide pick and place

Professional time lapse dolly slide

3D printing linear slide stage

Linear motion rails for slide robots

Industrial laser rail motion system

Linear rails system for industrial despenser glue

3D industrial printing machine, high accuracy

Linear motion rails for robotic, high accuracy system

Industrial 3D printer, rail motion system